DUNES Collection was created from a day dream.

After experiencing burnout at a San Francisco startup, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do next. I made the decision to quit my full time job, but really had no clue where I was headed or what I was planning to do next. Sometimes giving yourself that "uncomfortable" space is exactly what you need.

On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, out of sheer curiosity, I started making candles in my grandparents' kitchen. I immediately fell in love with the creative process and thought to myself "could I turn this into a small business?". With my past experience, I felt comfortable enough to put a plan together and I hit the ground running.

DUNES Collection was born! When I set my mind to something, I work hard to make it happen. I started to speak about my idea to friends and family to hold myself accountable and to push my ideas and concepts for the business. From there, things happened quickly - I moved my operation to her parents' basement in Kansas City and started building a company and brand.

DUNES Collection candles are hand poured in small batches to ensure quality every single time. A true labor of love. Each candle is made with clean ingredients so you can feel good about burning your candles at home. 

I hope you enjoy burning them as much as I enjoy making them. Getting to do this full time brings me so much joy!

xo Morgan