Our vessels are so pretty that you won't want to throw them away after you burn through your candle. Clean out the remaining wax and use in your kitchen, as a plant holder, on your vanity or on your desk at work.


Coconut wax is sustainable, contains no paraffin and is a renewable resource. Coconut wax candles have an outstanding scent throw and produce no harmful chemicals when burning. It's also one of the slowest burning waxes on the market, so your candle will burn and last longer. You're welcome.


Wooden wicks achieve a fast melt pool formation for quick and excellent hot throw. Wooden wicks also produce a tantalizing crackling sound when burning, and have no mushrooming with little carbon buildup, debris or sooting. Plus, we think they look pretty cool.

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DUNES Collection is a woman owned business based out of Kansas City. We are passionate about our clean ingredients and are excited to share with the world. Our name represents the earth, being grounded and our eco-friendly mission.

We don't believe in taking any shortcuts and it's important to us that you get nothing but the best. All our products are made in small batches by hand to ensure the highest quality.